What is PPE Access Canada?

PPE Access Canada is a not-for-profit organization who facilitates reliable and affordable access to PPE items for eligible community medical practitioners, charitable organizations, NPOs and Regional Agencies. We are able to do this with the help of our incredible network of PPE providers, including Mohawk Medbuy, Stevens, The Canadian Shield, plus a huge network of other trusted Canadian manufacturers and distributors.

Learn more about our story HERE.


Who is considered an eligible organization?

At this time, certain community medical practitioners (ie. Family doctors and specialists) are able to participate, as are any charitable organizations, not-for-profits and Regional Agencies.

Unfortunately, because of the hospital-contract pricing we receive through Mohawk Medbuy, certain for-profit practitioners are not able to purchase through this initiative at this time (ie. Dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, OT, massage therapists, psychologists, etc. HOWEVER, these groups are able to purchase all PPE items through our affiliate Supply+Protect website HERE.


How does PPE Access work?

PPE Access is an online store. Once you have registered and been determined to be eligible to participate in the initiative, you will be granted access to the store. It works just like any other online store, where you add needed items into your cart and pay via credit card. For larger Regional Agencies, customer service will work with you to process POs versus ordering directly online. Orders processed before 3pm Monday to Thursday will ship next day. PPE Access ships all items via Purolator.


Does it cost anything to participate?

No, there are no fees to register participation in the PPE Access initiative. PPE items are available for purchase in the online store.


Why do I need to register and provide information on my expected PPE usage?

PPE Access is thrilled to be a member of Mohawk Medbuy, a large hospital purchasing consortium. To benefit from this membership and contract pricing, you must be an eligible organization. Registration allows us to determine if you are an eligible organization.

One of the biggest challenges of the initiative, is the lack of data on the number of organizations who wish to participate and their expected PPE usage. We use the need estimates each organization provides to help us form a framework to make purchasing decisions and help manufacturers allocate appropriately. It’s a fine balance between making sure we have enough PPE on hand to fulfill orders and managing costs of too much inventory. We aim to keep our operational costs as low as possible, which keeps PPE pricing low!


I registered, why can’t I access the online store right away?

Our customer service team needs to ensure your organization is eligible to participate in the initiative. While we strive to grant your organization access as soon as possible, this manual process may take up to 2 business days.


What products/vendors are on the platform?

PPE Access has many great supply partners, including Mohawk Medbuy, Stevens, The Canadian Shield and a number of other trusted Canadian distributors.
At launch, we will carry the following items on the platform:

  • Level 1,2,3 surgical masks
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Disposable CPE gowns
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes

As the initiative grows, we will explore adding more products onto the platform. If there are items you require that are not listed, please visit our affiliate site SUPPLY+PROTECT for more options.

Why do products and pricing change over time?

PPE supply chains are very challenging to navigate. It is a very fluid process, where pricing and supply can change on an hourly basis! For certain PPE items, especially gloves, gowns and wipes, this is especially true.

PPE Access works with a variety of vendors and suppliers to ensure we maintain reliable supply channels. When it comes time to restock inventory, we will reach out to our channels to determine availability and pricing. Although we prefer to have the same product skus on an ongoing basis, the current climate may not make this feasible.

As the supply chain rights itself over time, PPE Access will be able to provide more stable product lines.


Who are Mohawk Medbuy and Stevens and why are they important to PPE Access Canada?

Mohawk Medbuy (MMC) is a hospital purchasing consortium. MMC negotiates supply contracts on behalf of hospital purchasing departments. Because of the massive volume of supply purchased, MMC is able to get industry-low pricing on PPE items. PPE Access was welcomed as a member of MMC, so the initiative is able to benefit from this incredible group purchasing power. We are so excited to be able to pass these savings down to our participating community organizations!

The MMC partnership also means that PPE Access will be able to provide value, even in post-pandemic times.

Stevens is the largest privately-owned Canadian distributor of hospital, physician and nursing home supplies. PPE Access has partnered with Stevens as our warehousing and logistics partner. Their amazing infrastructure makes it possible for the initiative to scale.


I placed my order, now what can I expect?

If your order is processed before 3pm Monday-Thursday, your items will ship from the Stevens warehouse the same day. Your order will be shipped via Purolator. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email.

PPE Access is trying to save costs wherever possible, so your order will arrive in a Stevens-branded box or in the manufacturer’s original box.


What do I do if I have an issue with my order?

Please reach out to our customer service team. We will help you navigate the best next step.


Can I return items?

No, all PPE Access sales are final. If there is an issue with your order, please contact our customer service team for assistance.


How long will it take my order to arrive?

If your order is processed before 3pm Monday-Thursday, your items will ship from the Stevens warehouse the same day. Your order will be shipped via Purolator, which usually takes one business day. This means, if your order is processed before 3pm Monday- Thursday, you can expect to receive your order within 1 business day. If you miss the 3pm cut-off, your order will take 2 business days to arrive. You will be emailed a Purolator tracking number once your order ships.